To be happy, I settle for happier, everyday.

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Focusing on easy

Guys, I think I’ve stumbled upon a possible indication of mastery.

It is the moment I turn something random, into something awesome.

Ain’t it?



Patience, tenacity & grit

Sit before I crawl
Crawl before I walk
Walk before I run
Run before I sprint

Patience reminds me that I’m still at step 1. I have barely felt the grit.

4 years and 9 months to go.

Making a declaration

Hello world. Listen up.
I’m gonna create a time-space
That will breathe life into the world of learning
And make education real again.

Procrastinate because now is not the right time

For things that come my way.

  1. If it’s not a hell yeah, say no.
  2. If it gets annoying, automate it.
  3. If you feel like a turtle, delegate it to someone better.

I delegate a lot of things. Urgent insignificant work, due diligence on a future husband, financial planning, home scouting, reality checking, household maintenance… well practically my whole life with the exception of chasing dreams and doing what I do best.

Delegating though, is not as simple. Patience and generosity is key to enable this.

Outsourcing your life makes me feel poor again. And that survival instinct kicks in and nudges me to find more opportunities to feed my insatiable hunger.