The kind of confidence every young girl in the corporate world need

by aishyza

To all the young ladies stepping into the corporate world… here’s a few useful pieces of scenarios to share

The potential lead you’re meeting feels bad letting you buy his coffee because he probably thinks you’re still a student or haven’t gotten your first pay.

Insist on paying, since you already owe him for being late. Tell him how long you’ve been financially independent. Most importantly, never forget to thank him for the compliment (that he thinks you’re young) with a smile.

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about with being or looking young. I wouldn’t reveal my age though simply because I find it unnecessary and unprofessional. The gesture of paying coffee for someone else shows how you can take charge of the situation. Charm with a smile.

At any point in a conversation with a potential lead where you feel intimidated or unsure about making blank promises…

just say “gosh, giving an answer to this is way beyond my pay grade.” Say it confidently, with a smile. Let me pass this on to someone who can give you an answer but if you were to ask me, my take is “(insert opinion here).”

You acknowledge that you cant speak on behalf of who you work for but you have a mind of your own to come up with an opinion. It shows how you are not reckless and at the same time mature enough to have a stance.

Your potential lead talks about the next big thing he wants to execute and shares about all the cool things and the partners involved. You kinda get a feeling that he needs help but doesn’t wanna ask for it.

Find out every single detail and context of this ‘next big thing’ find out how it started, who’s involved and what challenges he is facing. Understand the gap between what the ideal and the current reality and subtly explain how your company/entity can contribute to fill that gap.

Being able to empathize is an important skill us women have so use it to impress! Don’t bother about giving solutions because you’re probably not experienced enough to suggest anything that he hasn’t thought of.

There is nothing to be ashamed about, take your youth and feminism to your stride. Most people on senior level are likely to let their guard down thinking that you are naive so this is your chance to take advantage of that.