Welcome to the mind of aishyza.

by aishyza

Design is not something someone is born with. It entails the hardcore discipline to follow through a systematic THOUGHT-PROCESS and finally executing the best idea. We may seem like magicians, sitting in front of the screen for a couple of hours and being able to produce tip-top artwork. The real work, which you guys don’t see, happens prior to that in our creative minds. This is why you often see designers daydreaming in broad daylight, staring at a blank wall, doodling on their little scrapbooks, crushing papers and throwing them in the corner. No, we do not do this just to look cool. This is how we work. Hence, the tag to this blog “81% thought, 19% art” namely to help you guys understand what goes through the minds of designers and to better appreciate the value of our work.

I can’t speak for all designers, but with this I hope more will speak up. Enjoy!