To be happy, I settle for happier, everyday.

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yourself & market forces

You can control how you develop yourself. What you can’t control are the market forces.

Develop your T-shape in accordance to what the market demands. Let market trends fuel and fund your T-shape development.

I have a background in startups and design-thinking – that makes my breadth. Right now, I’m developing the vertical part of my T in UX.

If market tells me ‘Agile’ is in demand and there is enough supply of visual designers who dabble in UI, I’ll position myself as a UX researcher for Agile teams.



Adventure awaits

When the going gets tough
The easy way out seems so tempting
I remind myself in times like this
To have some grit and press on
Because only adventure awaits


How might I recreate the feeling of travel in my typical day?

Letting the gut speak

You know what multiple failures over years give you?

Intuition… from the gut.

Weep if you have to, to gather the courage amidst that vulnerability.

Breathe, then take the leap.